Why choose MUSA

We are a team of professionals who have been working for years in training and updating in the sectors of Italian and international cuisine, beauty, aesthetics and well-being.

We make the most sought-after arts in the world available to our students for those who want to become a true talent and transform their passions into a beautiful job, through the teaching of great masters. Thanks to their guides, we transmit the art and taste of Made in Italy all over the world!

The secret to success!

Quality and Professionalism

Leader in the world

The academy uses up-to-date and modern teaching techniques. The tutor team is made up of Masters from the fashion, make-up, style and image sectors. Their great passion and professionalism transmits to their students a wonderful artistic craft. Learning guarantee is the creation of highly professional modern videos. All the secrets of the greatest Masters in the industry are passed on to you, the professional of the future!

Our strengths


Thanks to the guidance of great masters, we transmit the art and taste of Made in Italy to the world!


Optimize your time to be able to specialize without facing expenses and travel, comfortably when you want and how you want!


The certificate certifies the professional skills to demonstrate the skills acquired, necessary to access sectors such as: fashion, beauty, theater, musicals, cinema, advertising, shops and much more.


We are passion for beauty! We are masters of style! We are an academy that gets excited through the smiles and hopes of our aspiring make-up and image artists!


We are a team of professionals who have been working in the fashion, cinema and television sector for years, making their art available to those who wish to enter this world.


New way to learn a beautiful job. Being able to access training of the highest professional level whenever you want.
High training minimal expense!


Our history

Can you become a beauty artist?

It is to answer this question that Musa Talent was initially born, developing the idea of ​​advanced training in step with the times, as representative of a vast territory, such as the Italian and world one.
In ancient times, make-up was born not only with the function of embellishing the body image, but it has to do with the concept of identity and cultural belonging to different ethnic groups and races.

Fashion, Art and Design

The Academy has been operating for several years with the aim of transferring the skills related to the arts and crafts most requested by the labor market and in particular spreading the exclusivity and values ​​of Made in Italy, celebrating the global and multicultural reach of the Italian heritage through Fashion, Art and Design.

The Fashion Product in the World

The founders started from the assumption that fashion reproduces the habits, customs and culture of a people. Consequently this concept of humanity of the costume explains the reason why every civilization always communicates its own style with a symbolic and significant character and always through art, which is the work of man. Therefore, it was decided to deepen other fields besides that of the make-up artist, such as "Costume" and "Fashion".

Art is born in being!

Italy, the Italians… people of Navigators, Inventors, Artists.

Italy… cradle of the Holy Roman Empire which through the invention of roads
has always made known to all peoples of the earth style, good taste and
the importance of aesthetic beauty.

Precursors of fashions and trends.

We are! We are unique… inimitable… proud to be.




The reviews of our students

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Luana Musilli
Luana Musilli
I participated, as a student and as a model, in the course related to the Hyaluron Pen receiving, from the academy,... access to the video course. The result was fantastic, it is definitely worth trying, I recommend it to everyone. The managers and the teacher are very courteous, helpful, friendly, professional and competent. Well done!read...
Mantas Ramoška
Mantas Ramoška
I gave the course to my nail art girlfriend. He loved it and said he gave it to him... many emotions. Yesterday she had her first client and she was very good and the client was happy! Thanks Musatalent 😁❤read...
Diana Maria Ionita
Diana Maria Ionita
Beautiful video course, I was intrigued by this technique both for me and for professional reasons given the strong... request for this hyaluron pen. I was recommended the online courses of this academy and I had a really great time. The video is easy to follow, very clear and above all explained in compliance with all the professional criteria necessary for this method unlike superficial and dangerous DIY tutorials found on youtube. Super recommended !!read...
Marco Bozzelli
Marco Bozzelli
I gave my wife a gift and bought the video showing the methods of applying the hyaluron pen method, è... very happy. The course is well done and the teacher explains all the steps with great professionalism. The shots are excellent and clear and the system allows you to review the video forever and when you want it. Also included is a beautiful written handout for you to print. Great price quality!read...
Giusi Gusmano
Giusi Gusmano
I re-post my experience as my review has been deleted. I bought the hyaluron pen course, The video... it is very bad, the cameramen staggers and does not focus neither the position of application of the pen nor the girl's lips. I think YouTube videos are more useful ... As for the pdf, really superficial, basic almost intuitive to be inexperienced.read...
Giulia Anna D'Orazio
Giulia Anna D'Orazio
I bought the hyaluron pen video course in anticipation of the classroom attendance, it's really nice and well done!... The teacher is clear in the presentation and the various steps are treated to be very intuitive and easy to follow! I can't wait to attend the classroom part 🙂read...
Gevi Karavelia
Gevi Karavelia
I have to thank Loris for advising me on the course and all the staff around him for the organization... of the courses I am happy to have chosen Musatalent for my rides thank you very much for your availability ♥ ️ and for your advice.read...
Ursula Ciribilli
Ursula Ciribilli
Super professional .. They work with passion! I absolutely recommend ♥ ️
Tatiana Di Gioia
Tatiana Di Gioia
Clean environment, very friendly welcoming teams, clean and impeccable organization... get ready..Professional courses of a high level.Super highly recommended.read...
Martin Demez
Martin Demez
I really have to congratulate you on your professionalism !!! Serious, always available, top products, plus you do... really effective courses with prices accessible to all. I will definitely recommend you to others! We are looking forward to having a cooperation in the future.read...
Luana Lou
Luana Lou
I absolutely recommend taking one or more courses from Musatalent because they are truly fantastic! In quarantine I have... I got to know this really professional academy better, with all the professionals that make it up and I wanted to try the makeup course. A really nice course, easy to understand even for those who are at the first approach to this world. I immediately put the concepts into practice and I really improved a lot. I also started doing some makeup for work and I'm really happy. Because most likely I will finally be able to do what excites me and earn some money too 😍Thank you Musatalent Academy, we will hear from you soon for the next course that I already plan to do!read...
Stefania Amanda Bathory
Stefania Amanda Bathory
I am a professional aesthetic operator I turned to this academy to expand my skills and have me... immediately given the utmost professionalism in learning different specializations in the field of beauty and aesthetics through fantastic and highly trained teachers. I am very satisfied as I finished the courses every time I always had an immediate and remarkable professional and economic feedback. Thanks Musatalent Academyread...
Maria Vittoria
Maria Vittoria
Professionals who love their job, always available and ready to update us on their work... curated, with clear and useful explanations for those who, like me, like this world ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐read...
Arianna Montanaro
Arianna Montanaro
Excellent courses of various kinds .. The professors of each course are very prepared and professional .. I recommend it to... all if you want top preparation!read...
Morena Noemi
Morena Noemi
I highly recommend the courses, very complete, friendly people, professional .. I thank all the staff.
Donatella Memmo
Donatella Memmo
I attended two of the various Musatalent courses: microblading and Ialuronic pen. Gain knowledge in the field... aesthetic with Musatalent means slowly realizing the dream of having the right and correct knowledge in every sector of the vast world of aesthetics, the certainty of having an unparalleled preparation given by teachers who are not only specialized but also passionate and capable with adequate communication to offer you an effective explanation of every detail. All permeated with hospitality, friendliness, cordiality and great availability to keep in touch for any doubt or review. Last but not least: the value for money. I believe that for the accuracy and professionalism offered the courses should cost more. Musatalent's prices are the same as for dogs and pigs who do courses but without knowing how to do them and without having thirty years of experience in the field. Thanks Musaaa!read...
Elena Ramona
Elena Ramona
Excellent course, with a teacher of great experience
Tina Salvati
Tina Salvati
serious, professional and prepared !!!
Cristina Avarvarei Russu
Cristina Avarvarei Russu
Grandiiiiii! Congratulations to everyone for their professionalism, especially to Luna !! ! I am very happy to have chosen you... for I'm running! YOU ARE NUMBER ONE! 😘😘😘😘read...
Francesca Fusacchia
Francesca Fusacchia
Good evening everyone .... my name is Francesca and I come from Rieti ... In the past I attended an "academy" unworthy of... this name because it lacks teaching and so on ....! FINALLY I found in YOU, GREAT PROFESSIONALISM, COURTESY AND TEACHING! The course I attended in these 4 days was the most beautiful course of my life! Great staff , but above all our teacher Luna, who with her professionalism, talent and passion in what she does, has enriched me for my professional future.Thanks to my colleagues for these fantastic days ... and thanks above all for the positivity and the countless laughs! 1000 times thanks to everyone! I love you! Everything I have learned in these days will come in handy in my life and not only in this field! a unique experience that I will always carry in my heart! I will miss you very much! ❤❤❤❤❤read...
Ilaria La Mura
Ilaria La Mura
Great professionalism, video courses with clear and simple explanations. Absolutely recommended!
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