This section of Musatalent Academy is aimed at lovers of national and international cuisine. To professionals who intend to enrich their professional background but also to non-professionals who wish to deepen their passion with techniques of great Chefs, to amaze friends and family in the kitchen of their home.

The Musatalent Academy training program is a unique and learning-rich, intensive and fully immersive experience.

With its first basic module of a full-immersion day, students will already learn basic cooking techniques and how to find and select the best quality ingredients.

By completing with subsequent programs, they will attain a professional level, acquire advanced culinary skills, and essential managerial and entrepreneurial competence.

During the training days, students will be part of a real kitchen brigade and will experience how a professional food company works by being an active part of the Musatalent Academy world, Talent in the Kitchen section.

Through this training course Musatalent Academy aims to share its genuine and winning approach to the food and food business.

The products of the best and seasonal quality will be the leitmotif and central thread of the program, innovation combined with love for the most deeply rooted traditions will be the secrets for a successful professional.

Students will explore topics such as sustainability, ethical and health issues related to food production, consumption and quality.

Musatalent Academy's visions are based on methods and philosophies that can be transferred and applied anywhere in the world.

Students from abroad who intend to work or start a food business, will be able to put their knowledge and experience into practice around the world.

Let the Talent of creating art in the kitchen begin. Good job guys!


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