Our twenty years of experience in professional training has been transformed into wonderful video courses of the highest quality and beauty both for visual creation and for technical explanations.

Every month Musatalent edits new techniques, styles and trends in step with the times and fashion, with the best masters in the sector.

The training direction is entrusted to talented professional and non-theoretical Masters, who transmit in these video courses with module after module method, all the secrets of the professional sector that you decide to undertake.

The system allows you to immediately access the professional training that interests you most by choosing from the many proposals we offer you with minimal investments without giving up on high training. You can view the chosen educational content forever and at no additional cost. Modern video courses always in step with the latest fashion and work trends.

You will learn in an easy, fast and exciting way!

With musatalent now you can!

How to buy

  1. Find the video course that's right for you.
  2. Click on the "Buy" button
  3. You will access the checkout where you can check if you have entered your course
  4. Check the box of the conditions of sale
  5. Click on the "Continue to PayPal" button
  6. You will be redirected to the PayPal site to make the secure payment
  7. Fill in your details and card details and confirm
  8. Click the Redirect Me button on the seller's site
  9. Go to your profile button at the top right
  10. Select your course
  11. Click on Start Course
  12. Select the first module and start your online training


Attendance and access to our courses provides for the issuance of a "CERTIFICATE" of professional technical acquisitions, which indicates the type of course and the techniques of the course attended.

The CERTIFICATE of professional technical acquisitions is issued in digital format that can be printed on paper and can be used to formally certify participation in a course only after passing the tests by accessing the "EXAM" section.

The certificate can be used for work purposes, as an attachment to the CV, in the case of freelancers use it as a title proving their professionalism and in any case there is a need for a written attestation of a training course.

The CERTIFICATE has value throughout the Italian territory and on international territory abroad, aimed at operators and future beauty operators who intend to specialize in the Made in Italy style.

The certificate will be issued only to those who:

  1. They access by purchasing a course or several courses (depending on the courses)
  2. They take the final online test at the end of the course
  3. They receive a positive opinion from the Examination system regarding the skills acquired

Certificate of participation

The Certificate of participation is a declaration of knowledge issued by Musatalent only and exclusively in the box courses in DVD format, in written form and constitutes a private agreement stating the participation in the chosen course.

The certificate issued is a document that follows and certifies the entire training course of those who have it and the technical knowledge acquired.

The Certificate of Merit

Unlike the certificate of participation, the certificate guarantees the type and degree of skills obtained and not just participation in a course.

The certificate is therefore a tool to certify to third parties the possession of certain skills in a very granular and detailed way, making it an effective means to enrich one's CV.

The certificates are in digital format and are recognized by companies and institutions, at any time you have access to our platform to print the certificates for any job eventuality.

The exam test!

Accessing the online exam and carrying out all parts of the test allows you to receive in digital format in your personal profile (which you can print at your trusted copy shop) a "Certificate" of a private nature from Musatalent which certifies the technical skills acquired described in the video course purchased, the exam fee to be paid allows you to access the online exam and receive the "Certificate". If you purchase the complete packages of video courses with the name of "The Best" including the described combinations of more formations, the certificate issued will certify the complete figure (example: in "Make-up Artist advanced level") expert in all techniques included and described in the box and not only of the technique as reserved for the purchase of individual video-courses.

Passing the online exam, which can be taken 2 times, allows you to obtain the "Certificate" (as described above), if you do not pass the 2 tests, you can only purchase the exam for your course and you they will have 2 more attempts to pass the exam and obtain the digital certificate.

How to take the exam

  1. Click on the exam form for your course
  2. Click on the "Start" button
  3. The countdown is automatically activated
  4. Answer all questions
  5. At the end click on "Complete"
  6. Exit the modules by clicking on the X at the top right
  7. Click on the "Finish Course" button
  8. You are finished your "Certificate" has been generated
  9. Click on the "Certificate" button
  10. Download and print it to your liking

Italian professional cosmetics!

If you want to be a complete Professional, you can also have our online store of professional products and accessories at your disposal where you will be welcomed with promotions and discounts reserved exclusively for our students and future professionals through the assignment of VIP cards with indefinite validity (find out about the site)

Musatalent uses and offers in the SHOP STUDIOS professional cosmetic products created by the Phitofarma srl ​​laboratories, an Italian company leader in the production and distribution of cosmetics and professional make-up made in Italy.

STUDIOS products and accessories have been created to provide professionals in the sector with highly performing tools at very competitive prices, guaranteeing quality and innovation. Specifically created to be used on film sets, advertising sets, fashion shows, musicals, theater, professional aesthetics, they are the ideal and indispensable partner for those who want to become a talented Make-up Artist offering you professionalism at the highest levels even in the use of products.

The products are ISO and HALAL certified, use only raw quality materials and make use of modern production techniques and qualified and specialized personnel.

We use certification:

Thank you for choosing us and welcome to MUSATALENT.

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